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Wanted: Your thoughts on Jabba the Hutt

TC DAILY PLANET     August 10, 2008

A pair of St. Paul conceptual artists who go by the name tectonic industries (small t and small i, please) are preparing a new work, and they are looking for volunteers to sit in their studio this weekend and be filmed for up to an hour recounting the plots of the Star Wars trilogy. “Participants will be filmed against a white backdrop, for as long as they wish to speak, for up to one hour,” says the duo’s Web site. “We ask that you wear a black top and arrive promptly. In return, refreshments will be provided and you will be credited at the exhibition.” You won’t need to wait long to see yourself in art: the resulting work will be shown at the Soap Factory in September.

This work is in a familiar vein for tectonic industries: this spring, an piece appearing at Franklin ArtWorks depicted sixteen men and women listlessly reciting dialogue from Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds. Earlier works featured participants trying to keep up with Rachael Ray’s cooking show, following along with an instructional video on “urban dance,”

and recounting the plot of Five Easy Pieces. By presenting multiple perspectives on, or responses to, a single narrative, the artists hope to engage questions of perspective and authority.

Of course, when it comes to challenging authority, Han Solo said it best: “Conceptual art is no match for a good blaster at your side.”

Jay Gabler is the Daily Planet’s arts editor.

© Jay Gabler, 2008

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